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Post Info TOPIC: Rubber things built to BS3704 quality standard.

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Rubber things built to BS3704 quality standard.

Well, here we are again.

Was running the car up the drive at the weekend (under it's own power!)
and it was obvious that something was moving around rather more than it's
supposed to. Lo and behold, an engine mount has come apart.

Now this is a "heavy duty" part from one of our suppliers of things TR
and it's been on the car around two years, during which time it
has sat in the garage waiting for me to get round to finishing it.
No, it isn't under any strain, if it was the layrub at the back would
rapidy shred itself, and I haven't jacked the car by the sump.

Whilst I was embracing the front wheel to get to the offending item I
rolled under and eyeballed the trunnion grease seals. And, yes, they have
perished as well. These are three years old, and still zero miles.

I've payed this silly game before with ball joint covers, so this time I've
re-used the originals. 50 years old - they're fine. And all of the suspension
joints are nylatron, fit and forget. There are just some components that
you have to use a rubber seal, no alternative is available.

Now I know I can return the item and get a replacement, but I've still got to
strip the trunnions, and pull the engine mounts, and it's B* cold
out there. What I really want is a rubber component that's fit for purpose
and yes, I am prepared to pay a premium price so that I don't have to
rebuild the suspension every other year.

And these things are not just an irritant, they are MOT Fail, safety items.
Don't even think about how good the rubber seals are in the brake calipers
because they are from the same supplier.

Does this sound a familiar story? Has this happened to you? Is there
anywhere we can buy rubber stuff that actually works like it's supposed to?

(Ranting) Frank


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aaar that rubber (or lack of it) problem is still out there my friend.

I did listen to my mate Richard at the TR International talking to another very old friend of mine, Mike Hazzlewood. When I first met Mike some thirty years ago he had

one of every tr marque...and all on the road at the same time!

He's raced most of the numbers as well over the years but is clearing out "stuff" and was selling at the auto jumble section of the IWE.

Richard needed a 4 cylinder front engine plate. Mike had one, very grubby and covered in dead leaves etc. Richard offered "X" amount, Mike said yea but without the engine mounts....To my surprise

Richard said he wanted the mounts more than the plate!.......... that's when I knew there was still a problem with the market........

I will throw this over the New Spare Development Fund of the TR Register and see what they have to say..


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Thanks Nigel. It would be nice if the SDF could help.

There are only a couple of places where rubber components haven't been
superseded by polybush (or nylatron) alternatives. All of these are
MOT fail, safety related items.

Ball joint shrouds
Trunnion Seals
Brake cylinder and caliper seals
Engine mounts

Foolishly I had assumed that buying "Heavy duty" mounts (at three times the price)
would overcome the problems I've had with these in the past, especially the one
under the gearbox tail. Sadly, this wasn't the case, one engine mount has just come

I know enough about tooling and production costs to understand the arithmetic in play
here. As I see it, it just needs whoever procures these bits (and given the volumes
involved, its probably single-sourced) to get the supplier by the short and curlys and
kick him until he makes a batch in a verified, high specification modern compound,
preferably in a prominent colour that's not black. We don't need any new tooling
or re-costing, just a supply chain run by grown-ups that understand how quality works
and will guarantee the product they sell.

If I was to turn up with a box of these bits at the international I could charge 10 a pop for the
trunnion seals, and I'd have a queue round the block, just like Martin Jay does for his red rotor arms.
This quality/performance/marketing model works for polybush, LED bulbs, and even a steering
Rack fitting for TS2. Modern quality beats third-world copies of fifties engineering every time.

Sadly, I suspect that what we'll get is the same old sorry excuses, and a discussion that
wanders off into panel fit for TR2's or something.



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I hear you.

I have asked and Ian has come back with these two questions:

Has He

a) raised these problems with the supplier(s)?

(b) raised a PQI (Parts Quality Initiative) form?

Well have you mmmh mmmmh? I expect not, what's wrong with you man!

Let us all know how you get on


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This one is for P/W owners everywhere.

I was sat in the little room, you know, the place that you go to fill in forms,
and the following thought came to me. Pausing only long enough to complete
the paperwork, I popped into the shed and turned it into metal.

Pic DSCF4537.JPG is the "Heavy Duty" engine mount that has come apart
after being sat in a stationary car for two years.

Pic DSCF4540.JPG is a piece of 3mm plate, cunningly cut to the same shape
as the lower part of the mount, with three holes in it.

Pic DSCF4542.JPG is how it fits above the upper mount plate and stops the
mount falling to bits in service.

I'm sure that this will inhibit the mount from moving, not that an HD mount
is going to move much, so it'll be fitted with Nyloc nuts to stop it coming
apart. If it's a bit noisier will I notice?

Once I have a gearbox mount in my hands I can probably make up a similar
plate, which should sort the problem for ever.

Now, where did I put that form?


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