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Post Info TOPIC: pre-1960 MoT exemption to become UK law in November
Gary Stretton

pre-1960 MoT exemption to become UK law in November

In case you haven't heard yet, come this November, all pre-1960 vehicles, including passenger carrying commercial (wedding hire buses etc) will be tax exempt. I'm opposed to the legislation for a number of reasons, including safety, insuraqnce premiums and possible restrictions on use further down the line.

Many of our PW cars will be eligible for this, mine included, but I still want an independent test before I put it on the road (the MOT test).

There is another more dangerous angle to the new legislation. It will do away with needing an MOT (or SORN after a year of MOT) before registration plates can be traded. That means project cars will be lost by owners prepared to throw the car away once they've made money on the registration number.

What say you PWOR? Agree or not with MOT exemption?

Click here for my reaction, so far



I suspect that you have touched a nerve here Gary.

At the Abbot and Stour TR meeting last night nobody I
spoke to could see the logic in discontinuing MOT's,
and I'd like to see whatever actual evidence that supports the
position that the classic car fraternity were asking for this.
None of it was discussed on Forums or in magazines in advance
as far as I can remember, it just appeared.
Quite why we can't all have an MOT every other year like the
rest of europe I don't know.

Fortunately the Warwick is '61 so I will have a certificate
from an independent authority that my vehicle is roadworthy.
It will also confirm that I have actually remembered to
tighten all the bolts, given that during the rebuild I've
installed and removed every component at least three times.
And none of us are going to have a stamped-up service book
from the local Peerless Motors franchise are we?

And I don't trust the plod who may come to other conclusions
post-accident, especially if there's an easy prosecution in it.
The first fatal accident involving a non MOT'd car will
be a watershed, I fear the potential gutter press feeding

And yes, the relationship with SORN, taxing project cars,
and insurance is a potential minefield.




So it's been three months, and the bulleting boards have buzzed a bit and some (of the very best) magazines have noticed. Nobody I've spoken to seems to think it's a good idea, and there are so many loopholes.

And the good old boys have found grandpa's wreck in the barn that he left behind when he died. The couldn't get it started so they've put a "borrowed" Rover V8 in the front, just an engine change, honest. The handbrake stops it rolling away, and therustbugs have long since given up on the chassis, but it's a super Rat Rod innit? Insure it as a58 Peerless, slap a free tax disk on it and we can sell the number plate to pay for the beer and go croozin' on Saturday night. Cool or what?

Please tell me I'm having a bad dream...


nigel c


i still think the present goverment has done that many U turns that this stupidity will quietly disapear along with the Pasty tax..............



I've just had a look and only 492 people have signed up to Gary's
petition so far. Apathy or disinterest?

Come on chaps, Gary's one of us, support required.


nigel c


well the FBHVC have had their straw-pole and the results so far are:

74% think the MOT could be relaxed (what ever that means)

59% support the governments preferred option to exempt all pre-60's

53% said they would take theire car for a test if it was volantry.

33% said they would not seek a voluntary test.

some opinions/fears were raised about what may happen if this come to fruition:

no risk of restriction of use

no risk of increased insurance premiums

no risk of insurers demanding engineers reports

so there you go, as always, answers on the back of a 10 note please

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