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Post Info TOPIC: Up loading a photo to the forum
nigel c

Up loading a photo to the forum

Well guys I've just managed to up load a photo on the forum (with considerable help from Adam), hurrah! I hear you say.


I have written below how I did it. You dont have to use the image up load site that I did as there are plenty out there and you may already be using one. If that is the case please feel free to add to this thread about how you did it and the results.


Now if youre a real techy then you will get bored reading all this waffle (but I havent seen you load anything on here so far so perhaps your secretly reading this and wont admit it?, yea I know, I can see you) but for the rest of us I will try and go through the process as simply as possible



1.So first of all click on the link below which will take you to an image hosting site. This is a site that enables you to put your photos on the web and then use them where you want too  When you are on the post image site its best if you create an account. This is very simple, it wont strip you of all your banking details, pin numbers or that 20 spondooley note youve got tucked under the mattress. But you can use it for other stuff later.


2.To create your account just click on the word Register at the top of the post image page. It will come up with create your account. In the top box put in your email address and click on create my account.


3.Then the page will (hopefully) ask you to choose your username. This can be anything you want (within reason!) but it has to have letters and numbers in it to work so type it in the box and click submit.


4.Next it will ask you for a Password. Like so many sites these days they want you to use a password, and youll think its safer to have a different one for each site. Then you cant remember them all and so you write them down on a piece of paper and pin it to your notice board for all to see! Whatever you decide on it has to be between 4 and 16 characters long. Type it in and then you have to Re-type Password just in case you have typed it in wrong and submit.


5.So now you should be logged on and the page should show all sorts of options. One of these will say Choose files (its in a slightly shaded box in the middle of the page). Click on it and this will take you back into your computer where you can go looking for the file you wanted to put on the forum. Its best if you name the file/image youre going to use so when you see it listed you know what it is, simples!


6.When youve found the file/image you wanted (and you havent given up the will to live) double click on the file/image and it should return you to the post image web page. Next to the choose files button you have already used it should show the files name (you did name it didnt you? oh why do I bother!) next to it.

A couple of boxes down from that it says upload it! Click on this and (ooh I do so hope its worked because youre going to ask me all sorts of questions otherwise) it WILL upload the image to your account. At the top it will say Upload Complete!



7.At the bottom of this page you should also see a set of boxes with all sorts of http/URL address in (on the left hand side). I have used the second one down that says Direct Link. Copy this address that starts with http:// by clicking/passing the curser on/over it and right click and then copy.


8.Now the best bit. Go to the forum and then the thread you wanted to add a picture too and press reply.


9.In amongst all the little icons at the top of your post (in the light grey area) second line down, fifth icon in you should see a little tree inside a box? Thats your Insert/edit image box Yea, yea...great! Click it, go on, click it!


10.Now you will have a small window appear in the middle of your screen. The top box in that window will say Image URL. Right click your mouse and Paste your http://URL address in and at the bottom of the window it says Insert. Click and you should see your image inside your usual post/reply page? What do you mean you cant? Ooh I give up!


So there you have it, sorted!


If you have any queries please call the Samaritans helpline.



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